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I’ll think about that. I haven’t been feeling well for the past month and a bit, so I haven’t finished much writing since then. I have done a few one shots, but those were kind of like ‘one in a million’ type chances. However, I will see if I can try continue it, but I haven’t wrote a preference, and this won’t be that hard to try write again. Also, I think I intended it to be like a one shot, not a fan fiction. But I can make a mini-series out of it.

Pref: Love At First Sight

Harry: It was the headline of a newspaper, and many more to come. “Love at first sight?” Newspapers would say as pictures of Harry and Louis plastered on covers. Paparazzi were known for snapping pictures at the wrong time, but this was the work of a journalist dying to get on Modest! Managements’ nerves. “Y/N!” Harry would furiously yell into the phone. “Harry, it’s fucking 4 in morning, and you’re waking me up, why?” You would sigh, trying to wake up. “Y/N, there are magazines making shit up about Larry again.” Harry would sigh. “Come on Harry, that’s why you’re waking me up at 4 in the morning?” You just let an ever bugger huff than before. “Yeah, but this time they said ‘love at first sight’ and used a picture from The X Factor days.” Harry was obviously mad about it. “Harry, calm down. If it’s bothering you that much, then… There’s nothing to do. You’re fucking Harry Styles, someone will always be making up some stupid tabloid about you. Just ignore it, don’t let tabloids ruin a friendship.” You would encourage him. “I love you.” Harry’s voice was finally calm. “I know, I love you too. But if you really loved me, you’ll let me get back to sleep.” You sighed. “Oh, shit, it’s noon here. I’m sorry Y/N, I forgot about the time differences. Good, night?” Harry questioned. “Night Harry. Call me at a decent hour next time.” You hung up.

Niall: It was what Niall wanted, why he wanted a princess. He wanted to be the prince who was oblivious to a girl’s love, and then suddenly see her, inside and outside, and realizes he loves her. “Y/N, have you ever been in love before?” Niall would ask you. Of course, he was oblivious to your stares and constant remarks about his good looks. “No Niall, I have not.”  Would be your lie to your best friend. Ever since you and Niall have known each other, you just fall in love more, but the more you do, the more oblivious he is to it. “Mate, have you seen the way Y/N looks at you.” Louis would mention to Niall. “What, no, she doesn’t like me mate.” Niall would stubbornly say, as he was actually liked you too. “Just ask her out, as friends, and try making it as a date.”  Louis would suggest. “Fine,” Niall finally agreed after months of Louis suggesting. “Finally.” Niall would hear the other lads saying, as if it was a big bet. And 3 months later, you and Niall were official, after months of wooing from Niall, and months of you jokingly being stubborn to annoy the lads. “It was always love at first sight.” Niall said after you said yes to him.

Liam: It was what Liam always felt for Danielle. Liam always told the lads, “It’s the curly hair, her eyes, her personality.” His voice was a love struck teenager. “Y/N, remember that date…” Liam would start talking about one of their dates. However, after their break-up, Liam was distant about feelings; suddenly it was as if he was a body without a soul. “Meh.” Would be the sound he would make when someone asked how he was. “Come on Li, I’ve got a surprise for you.” You muttered into Liam’s ear, as you were waking him up. “But it’s not noon.” He said grumpily. “Come on Liam, it’s your 20th.” You encouraged. “I’m not celebrating today.” He clearly lied, because he was excited last week. “No Liam James Payne,” You would said in a stern voice, “it’s time to go out with the lads.” You said, trying to hide your real surprise. “NO.” Liam said. “Come on Li, stop with the emotionless façade.” You sighed. “Shut it!” Liam yelled. “Uh, I’m sorry for yelling, it’s just…” Liam sighed. “Come on Liam, Harry helped make breakfast.” You laughed. “Well, actually, Niall ate it, so we’re going out.” You concluded. “Fine, but only because Niall ate my only food.” Liam grumbled. An hour later, your food was served, and you were ready to get your surprise. “Okay Liam, I got you a present.” You slightly giggled. “Okay.” Liam shrugged, going back to his food. “Come here.” You whispered to Danielle, who was sitting near the entrance, in which Liam wasn’t paying attention to. You two walked back to the table, and the lads silently laughed, but Niall’s face showed he was going to burst soon. “So, Liam, say hello to your present.” You said, as Liam lifted his head. “Who talks- Dani?” Liam went wide-eyed. “Hey Liam.” Danielle said shyly. “I, uh, you’re, hi.” Liam looked at his fingers. “Liam, I’m here because Y/N was telling me how much has changed since our break-up, and I know how it feels. That’s how it has been for me.” Dani sighed. “I still,” Dani hesitated, “love you.” Dani finished after a few seconds of hesitation. “Really?” Liam’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas time. “Yes.” Dani smiled. “I missed you…” Liam trailed off. “Me too, and Loki misses us both.” Dani giggled. “I miss the pup, you know, being a family wouldn’t be so bad…” Liam suggested. “Of course, but, as long as daddy Payne has enough time for Mama Peazer and baby Loki.” Dani joked. “I’ll do my best, maybe Lou and I can fly back and see you and El together.” Liam suggested. “Sounds perfect.” Dani smiled. “But, I’ve got to go, I’ve got a dance meeting. Apparently I’m dancing at The X Factor tonight, and I haven’t been there much.” Dani said. “Hey, could I join?” Liam asked. “Sure thing Li.” Dani said. And just like that, Liam was heading back to the place he fell in love with Dani – love at first sight he says.

Zayn: It was what Zayn, your best friend since you took a holiday around England in 2009, told you about. Zayn Malik, the one the media saw as a mysterious bad boy, had fallen for his current girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, when he saw her performing on the show that started his career, X Factor. He was proud to say Little Mix won when he heard. When they had their first date, he called you first and made sure you knew what happened, detail by detail. “Y/N, she was amazing, she was beautiful, perfect, everything I had been dreaming for…” Zayn gushed over the phone; the memory was clear as ever. Now it’s 7 years later, and Zayn is waiting at the alter to marry his love, his love at first sight.

Louis: It was what your best friend Eleanor felt for Louis when they first met. Eleanor was your best friend, and you ran into Harry while you and Eleanor were hanging out. Harry became fond of you two, and thought El and Lou were perfect for each other. “OMG, Y/N, he has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen…” El trailed off just staring at the blank wall behind you. “Um, El, who are you talking about?” You asked, just completely confused. “Oh, Harry set me up with Louis, you know, my crush in One Direction.” El just giggled to herself. “El, are you okay? You’re giggling? Since when do you giggle?” You just laughed at her, as she began dancing in an odd way. “Because, he’s so perfect.” She simply gushed. “Well, Mrs. Tomlinson, are you fine with me dating his band mate, Mr. Horan?” You joked. “You’re a funny one.” El sarcastically said. “Oh, you’re sarcastic now, what happened to sassy El?” You pretend to go wide eyed. “She’s still here.” She said as she jokingly did a sassy pose. “Now, I must go text Louis.” She giggled and ran away. “I hate love at first sight.” You jokingly muttered as she ran away.


Note: This was a random preference I decided to write, like, I don’t know why I’m writing at 2 in the morning, hence, I finished writing this at 2 in the morning, but am posting it at 3 in the morning. I am so sorry Liam’s part was so much more longer - it’s just my Payzer heart spilling its thoughts… Hehe, so read and, ya know, talk to me or something. I have nothing better to do at 3AM on BC long weekend.

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1D Love Pref: Your first fight

Hey, it’s Jean, and this is a preference written by one, of my two, new writers. This is the work of Julie Ziolkowski. Currently, she only wrote Zayn and Louis’ part. So, Harry, Niall’s and Liam’s will be written soon.



It was your birthday and you and Zayn were going to dinner at 7:00 after Zayn got home from the studio. You have been dating for six months now and already shared a flat but had been getting distant lately. Coming home late and most the time drunk. You hoped tonight wouldn’t be a repeat of Zayn’s antics. At 5:00, you showered and did your long Y/H/C hair swooped to the right and pinned in place. You wore a red mini dress with gold bangles and black stilettos. You applied lip-gloss and spritzed some of Justin Bieber’s perfume, Girlfriend on your wrists and neck. You glance at your digital clock and it read 6:45. You decided to finish with some blush and eyeliner that brought out the Y/E/C in your eyes. You were now ready and grabbed your black clutch. You checked your phone to see it was now 7:03 and Zayn had left you no messages. You thought it was odd that he didn’t text you to tell you he was off work. You decided to wait and hoped Zayn was okay. However, something in the back of your head told you Zayn was probably just up to his old tricks. At about 9:17 you were still waiting for Zayn and you had sent him seven angry text messages. Though to no avail because he never answered back. You were so pissed at him and when he got home, you were going to totally chew him out. You started to type up another furious message when you heard the front door open. You rush down the stairs as fast as you can in heels to see a drunken Zayn sloppily hanging up his black leather jacket. You shook your head at the sight of him. Raven black hair out of place and barely able to hold himself up on his own two feet. You crossed your arms, clearing your throat. Zayn jumped and turned drunkenly towards you away from the coat rack. His hazel eyes were bloodshot and he had a buzzed air to him. He smiled drunkenly at me and looked me up and down, slurring,” Y/N! I-I…W-Why’re you…dressed like that?” You rolled your eyes, remarking, “Where have you been! We were supposed to go to dinner for my birthday two hours ago!” Zayn winced, pinching the bridge of his nose, whining, “Ugh! Y/N Please I-I…have a h-headache!” “And whose fault is that! I was excited about tonight and… And you come home drunk. Once again!” I yelled at him throwing up my hands. Zayn just stared at me glassy eyed and started giggling, “Y-You’re…so p-pretty.” He staggered up to you and pushed you up against the wall, starting to kiss your neck roughly. You let out a whimper as Zayn drew blood and pushed him away, “Zayn! I think you need to go to bed. Like now!” He just looked angry and pressed up against you again, muttering in your ear, “I don’t want to.” He then shoved his hand up your dress, making you gasp in surprise. You shoved him away again and spat,” Stop it! You’re jus-” You never finished because Zayn’s hand flew up smacking you across the face. He hit you with so much force your head whipped to the side. You let out a mewl of pain and tears rose to your eyes. Zayn had never hit you before and you never thought he would, ever. You pressed a hand to your red, sore cheek and hesitantly looked up at Zayn. His hazel brown eyes were horrified and appalled at what he had just done but then he turned a shade of green before puking all over the stairs. He gasped and almost fell over before rushing up the stairs. You then let the tears fall and slid down the wall. Happy 21st birthday to me, I thought sarcastically. You looked up the stairs, where Zayn had disappeared, and I knew Zayn was either hung-over in bed or puking his brains out in the bathroom. You knew you weren’t ready to face Zayn yet, so you took your phone out of your clutch and texted Niall. He was your closest friend in the band.

To Niall : ” Can u plz come pick me up? I need somewhere to stay tonight.”

A few minutes later, you got a reply.

From Niall : “Sure princess! Whats wrong?”

You sent a message back.

To Niall : “Ill explain when u get here. Can u be here in 20?”

You got a text a few seconds later.

From Niall : On my way.

You let out a sigh of relief and threw your head back on the wall. Thank you, Niall! You listened upstairs for Zayn and heard no movement so you guessed he was asleep. You went to the kitchen. You made a sandwich, a glass of water, two aspirin, and a note. It read:

"Dear Zayn,

I’m going to Niall’s if you want to find me. I may or may not let you inside or talk to you. I still love you but what happened last night is hard to forget and to forgive.



You left the things on the bedside table next to a snoring Zayn. You gave him one last glance when your phone vibrated.

From Niall : “I’m here, princess. Come on!”

You dashed down the stairs, watching out for Zayn’s puke and opened the front door. You saw Niall’s car parked on the curb and hurried towards it. Niall opened the passenger car door for you and you slipped in. He gave you a once over and you realized how hideous you must look. Makeup smeared, hair out of place, bruise on your face, and a love bite on your neck. He started the car back up and started for his house. “Thank you so much Niall. I really appreciate you coming.” He smiled warmly, taking a left, shrugging, “It was no big deal, but, what happened?! You look a mess.” You ducked your head, embarrassed, before explaining everything. Once you finished you had reached Niall’s house and he shut off the car. His hands were clenching the steering wheel so hard, the skin over his knuckles bone white. “H-He…hit you.” You nodded and Niall groaned, rubbing his temple. “C’mon let’s go inside. I’m sure you want to take a shower and sleep. I’ll make us some ice cream.” He instructed getting out of the car. You went inside and Niall showed you the bathroom and handed you a towel and a pair of his boxers with a sweatshirt. “After you’re done meet me in my room.” he told you leaving the bathroom. You took a shower thinking how nice it was of Niall to comfort you when you were in need. You dried off throwing on Niall’s clothes and walked to his room. You knocked gently on the door and Niall hollered, “Come in, Y/N!” You turned the knob to see Niall waiting with two giant bowls of chocolate ice cream and the beginning of, The Notebook playing on his flat screen. He patted the space next to him on his bed and you jumped into the bed. You snuggled into him taking a bowl and dug in, murmuring over the mouthful, “Niall…Thank you so much.” He kissed your forehead, replying, “No problem.” For the rest of the night you ate ice cream and watched movies. *THE NEXT MORNING* You woke to shouting and arguing, making out Zayn’s and Niall’s voices. “Let me see her! I want to apologize!” Zayn pleaded. “No! You have no right! She has a bruised up half of her face because of you!” Niall hissed back. “Y/N! If you can hear me! …I’m so sorry! Please come down!” Zayn hollered. You threw back the covers and wondered if you should go downstairs or not. You decided it would be better to go downstairs before they started fighting. You went down slowly to see Niall trying to shove Zayn back out of his house. You cleared your throat and they both turned their attention to you. “Y/N!” They both cried. Zayn pushed past Niall and fell to his knees in front of you, “Y/N! I am so, so sorry!” He pulled a rectangle box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a necklace. It was in the shape of a key and encrusted with diamonds. You gasped and shakily took the box from him. “I planned to give it to you during dinner, but, I ended up getting dragged to the club by Harry and Louis. Y/N I. Am. So. Sorry.” Zayn explained, sobbing. He looked up at you with pleading eyes and you closed the box, pulling him up and planting a kiss on his lips. He kissed you back desirably and pulled away, kissing the bruise where he hit me and whispered, “Y/N, I am so sorry. I never meant to hit you.” You nodded, blinking back tears, “I love you, Zayn.” He smiled and kissed you again, “I love you too, Y/N.”


You grabbed a shot and threw it on Louis. He cussed, and stood up in the booth. He glared at you nostrils flaring, “WTF! Y/N what’s wrong with you!” You snorted, “What’s wrong with me?! You are what’s wrong with me, Louis! You are treating me like crap and if this is what you are really like I want nothing to do with you. Goodbye!” You gave him the finger and pushed through the throng of people dancing. As soon as you got out of the club, you let the tears flow. Sobbing, you got into your car, thinking over how sweet Louis was in the beginning of your relationship. You started the car, heading for home. You reached your house and fled inside, slamming the front door behind you. “Honey is that you?!” You heard your mother call from the kitchen. “Yes Mom!” You sniffled, rushing up the stairs. You felt like you were fooled by Louis, thinking how such a sweet, romantic, funny guy could turn into a jackass in one night. You changed from out of your clubbing clothes into comfortable sweats and your VBS church shirt. You snuggled into bed finally feeling the lulling pull of the Vodka shots you drank at the club. You then heard a brisk knock at the door and your mothers caring voice, “Y/N, darling. Is everything okay? You’re home very early.” “I’m fine, mum. Just tired that’s all.” You answered. “Okay, honey, just wondering.” She explained and you heard her shuffle away. You sighed, groaning into your pillow and soon, you were fast asleep, snoring lightly. *5 hours later* Clink! Clink! Clunk! You jolted awake to something being thrown at your window. You crept cautiously to your window to see Louis reaching down for another rock. You threw up the latch, opened your window and hollered, “What are you doing here?!” Louis startled, dropping the rock. He gazed up at you, caramel colored hair out of place and serene blue eyes bloodshot. You crossed your arms, impatient, “Well, what do you want? I was sort of in the middle of something; called sleep.” Louis shuffled his feet and looked down at his feet and looked down at the ground before answering,” I-I wanted to apologize for…for earlier. I-I was being a….a..” “Jerk.” You stated and Louis nodded,” I was, and Y/N I’m so sorry. I was just trying to show off in front of the guys.” He blabbered. “By insulting me? And calling me a slut?" You spat. Louis winced and pleaded, "Y/N! I’m sorry, I was being stupid and I didn’t mean that, honestly. Will you please forgive me? Please, love?” You thought about it for a second. Noticing that Louis was close to tears and he actually did sound sincere and truly sorry. You sighed, giving in, “Yes, Louis. I forgive you.” Utter joy spread across his face and a single tear trailed down his cheek. “Y/N, thank you so much, baby. I don’t deserve this. I have something for you, can I…uh…come inside?” You nodded, “Come to the front door and I’ll meet you there.” He smirked, wiping his face and turned on his heel, starting for the door. You closed your window and hurried out of your room and down the stairs. You reached your front door and opened it to an expected Louis, swinging on the porch swing. He got up at your arrival and quickly took you into his arms, planting kisses all over your face, and murmuring, “I’m sorry.” Repeatedly. You giggled at Louis silliness and gently pushed Louis away, changing the subject. “You said you had something for me?” Louis nodded quickly and shoved his hand into his pants pocket. He swiftly pulled out his hand, the gift inside his enclosed fingers. You raised your eyes to Louis’ waiting for him to reveal the gift. He smiled, blue eyes shining with mischief and asked, “Do you want to know what it is?” You groaned impatiently, punching his arm, playfully, “Yes! Come on Louis!” You stuck out your bottom lip and Louis chuckled, “Okay. Okay.” He unclenched his fingers to reveal a charm bracelet. It had a carrot charm, a mirror, a Nando’s symbol, an L, a lock, a heart, a peace sign, a cat face, a spoon, and an–the first letter of your name. You gasped and Louis smiled. He took your wrist and clipped the bracelet around it. “Do you like it?” He questioned, shoving his hands into his pockets. You nodded, “Of course. It’s so cute.” You fingered the L charm between your thumb and forefinger. Louis grinned proudly, “Great. I knew you would love it. Actually all the boys contributed a few charms. Harry bought the kitten, Liam the spoon, Niall the Nando’s logo, and Zayn bought the lock, the mirror, and the peace sign. I bought the others.” “Aww, really? Remind me to thank them.” You replied, brushing your short Y/H/C hair out of your eyes. He nodded, running a hand through his caramel hair and you let out an abrupt yawn. “Well, I know you’re probably tired so I guess I’ll leave. See you tomorrow, love?” “Definitely, Charlie’s Cafe at 11:00.” You quickly told him. He nodded, giving you a goodnight kiss before running off to his car. You looked at your present thinking how lucky you were to have a guy like Louis as a boyfriend.


Hope you liked it!!! XOXO We’ll take suggestions! And I’ll be posting Harry’s, Niall’s, and Liam’s part soon XD

~ JULIE/Nala

1D Friend Pref: He’s dating your sister, and you have a big brother moment.

Note: He is dating your sister and acts like a ‘big brother’ to you. You are between the ages of 15 and 17.

YOU ALL BETTER BE HAPPY WITH THIS, BECAUSE IT TOOK ME 5 MICROSOFT WORD PAGES, AND EIGHT DAYS. Sorry to sound rude, it’s more of an angry statement.


You’re 15

Harry: “Hello, I’m Harry.” Harry, your sister’s new boyfriend says to you. “I’m Y/N.” You reply kindly.

The memory plays through your head as it’s Harry’s 19th birthday. Harry and your sister have been together a year, today, yeah they started dating on his birthday. “Y/N!” That family accent rung through your house. “Harry?” You questioned. “Hey Y/N, I’ve got a question…” Harry trailed off. “Mmm.” You mumbled in response. “Are you really going on a date with James?” Harry asked. “Um…” You blushed, and trailed off. “Kind of.” You concurred. “Oh, well, I won’t allow it.” Harry stuttered out, trying to sound serious. “Har, I’m okay, he’s a nice kid, and he’s not much older, only by 2 months.” You muttered, trying to defend – your potential date. “I don’t care if he’s older, or younger. I don’t want you going on a date.” Harry stated. “Har, you aren’t my father, nor are you my brother. Sure, you could potentially be my brother-in-law, but I can make this decision.” You stated. “Y/N, I’m looking out for you. I’ve met James, and honestly, he was rude, arrogant and just plain cocky.” Harry scoffed as he talked about James. “Harry, I’m 15, not 5, I can handle boys – they don’t have ‘cooties’ anymore Har.” You scoffed. “Y/N, he’s bad news, promise me that you’ll at least rethink this date?” Harry begged. “Fine.” You said, trying to convince Harry you‘d listen, when you won’t. *one week later* “Y/N?” Your sister asked, as she walked into your room. She was off on a mini vacation with Harry, to go home for his birthday for a few days. She stayed a little longer than expected. “Hey sis.” You mumbled, while working on your homework. “Oh, homework.” She muttered. You let out a sniffle. “Hey, hey, are you crying?” Your sister asked calmly and full of curiosity. “I’m fine, I just, I…” You stuttered out. “I’m not fine!” You quickly yelled. “I’m not fine, okay?!” You yelled furiously. “I’m sad! I’m mad! He’s, he’s, and he’s not who I thought he was…” You mumbled. “James?” Your sister asked. “Yeah, he asked me out, we went out, he took me to his place, and well, he tried to, ya know, but we didn’t, ya know.” You sighed heavily. “Harry, hun, come in here!” Your sister yelled. “No, what, what are you doing?” You stuttered. “He needs to help you, okay, he knows more about James than I.” Your sister said. “Hey Y/N- whoa, are you crying?” Harry asked. “Yes, okay Har, I get it, you can tell me James was bad and that I was wrong, go ahead.” You muttered, feeling more stubborn about the last conversation with him. “Hey, hey, mate, I’m not going to make you feel worse, okay? I’m just going to say, you’ll find someone better, maybe take slower steps, be friends first. Hey, maybe I can set you up with Niall when you’re 18.” Harry joked about the Niall part. “Yeah, like he’ll still be single in 3 years.” You said in a sarcastic tone. “Oh trust me, he will.” Harry stated. “Wait, why? I thought he was looking for his princess?” You asked with the tilt of your head. “He thinks he found her, but he can’t ask her to be his.” Harry said awkwardly. “Oh, okay, I’ve got some homework to do Har, so, can ya know, leave?” You asked politely. “Sure thing mate.” Harry said, and with the wave of his hand, he left.


You’re 16

Niall: “Y/N?” Niall asked. “Yeah Nialler?” You replied. “Do you want to play football with me?” Niall asked. “I’m not very good at – um kicking the ball…” You stated. “Wait you’re American, I mean, uh, soccer?” Niall concluded. “Oh, um, I’m not very good at sports.” You sighed. “Well come on, I can teach ya.” Niall said. “Okay.” *few hours later* “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!” You hear your sister’s voice chant. “Come on Y/N, you’re doing it!” Niall encouraged. “I’m not!” You replied unenthusiastically. “Yes you are!” Niall and your sister said in unison. “Pfft,” you scoffed, “I’m not doing great.” You concluded. “Yes you are, come on, let’s try this move.” Niall said. “It’s easy.” He said as you looked at him curiously. “Come on.” Niall pulled you towards him. “All you have to do is…” Niall trailed on about how to do the move. *few more hours later* “I did it!” You cheered. “Yes you did!” Niall said, with the same amount of excitement. “Are you sure you’ve never played football before, Y/N?” Niall asked. “Well, my boyfriend would practice, so I watched him a lot.” You shrugged.  “How come I never knew of this, boyfriend of yours?” Niall asked. “Because you spend most of your time with your girlfriend, not me, so yeah.” You just said. “Well, does she know?” He asked. “Nah.” You shook your head. “And how long have you two been dating?” He asked. “A few months…” You trailed off. “Oh, well, we should have a double date one day.” Niall suggested. “Um, sure, if he’s up to it.” You muttered. “Okay, I mean, you’re only 16 bud, I think double dates are more…suitable for you.” Niall awkwardly said. “What do you mean by that?” You asked, with some offence. “I mean, so, he doesn’t, ya know, get the wrong message…” Niall trailed off awkwardly. “Okay.” You said. “Y/N, trust me, I know how guys are. They’re not all good. I’ve been on both sides of guys. The good…and the bad.” Niall stated. “I get it Niall, you’re not good, you’re not bad, but you’ve been there before.” You said. “Good talk, but I’ve got a show tomorrow, so, I’ll see you two tomorrow.” Niall said as he quickly kissed you sister.


You’re 17

Liam: “Y/N!” Your sister yelled. “Yes sister?” You groaned at your twin. “Liam’s not here, where would he be?” She asked, in a rhetorical way. “Well, he’s in a famous boy-band, he’s probably running late…” You said. “I know, but he’s two hours late. He hasn’t sent a text. I’m worried.” She rambled more. “Well, calm down, text one of the boys?” You suggested. “I don’t have any of their numbers.” Your sister groaned. “Whoa, you and Liam have been dating half a year, and he doesn’t let the boys text you?” You said. “No, I haven’t actually met the boys yet.” Your sister stated. “What?” You asked. “Um, he’s been away so much, and with school I don’t have enough for him and the boys, so I’ve never really met them. I’ve seen them…” She admitted. “Wow, you need to meet them now.” You laughed. “I’m pissed though.” Your sister stated. “Why? Because your boyfriend isn’t here on our birthday?” You asked. “Yes.” She pouted. “Aww, well, he’ll be here soon, you know it.” You comforted her. “Yeah, yeah, I know, Liam keeps his promises.” She muttered. “Yeah, see, there’s no big problem.” You said. “Yeah, but he is an hour late, he hasn’t texted me. What if he’s breaking up with me? What if he cheated? What if he’s gay?” Your sister rambled on. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the train. Break-up? Cheat? Gay? Does any of that sound like Liam Payne to you?” I asked. “Yes, wait, no…” She trailed off. “See, he’s just late. Maybe his phone died. Or he left it at home. Or a fan broke it. Or…” You trailed off. “Okay, thanks, but I’m going to take a nap.” She said. “Okay.” You smiled. *Later* “Liam, thanks for being late, now we can set up your surprise party for her.” You said to Liam, in a quiet tone. “Hey, no problem Y/N, but you shouldn’t be helping, I mean, it’s your birthday as well.” He said. “No, it’s for her, she wants a birthday party, I just want to be able to hang out with some friends. Luckily enough, we have the same friends – basically.” You said. “Well, I hope you’ll like your present later.” Liam said. “I hope so too, nothing is better than a great gift.” You giggled. “Come on Y/N, we’ve got setting up to do.” Liam said. “What about the boys?” You asked. “Oh, they’ll be here for the last minute setting up, they thought they’d go get some basic presents.” Liam said. “Oh, well, okay.” You said. *Later, at the party* “Hey Harry.” You greeted Harry as he walked in with the food. “Hey Y/N, looking nice.” Harry complimented. “You look nice too, Harry.” You smiled. “Hey Y/N.” Niall said. “Hey Niall.” You said. “You’re looking great tonight.” Louis commented. “Thanks, I guess birthday girls have to look nice.” You shrugged. “Well, where’s your sister then?” Louis asked. “Oh, I think she was having a shower. She’ll probably be a few minutes.” You said. “Well, that gives us enough time to get this party started.” Louis shouted, well, shouted in a whisper. “Yeah.” You said. “Hey Y/N, where’s my- Louis?” Your sister said. “Oh, uh, hey Y/S/N.” Louis said awkwardly, as your sister was just in a towel. “Um, why are you, um, this is awkward.” She mumbled. “Hey, um, go get changed, and come back down?” You suggested. “Yeah, yeah, I will do that…” She ran as fast as she could upstairs. ”That was awkward.” Louis muttered. “Definitely, and I’m her sister.” You laughed. “Nice body.” Harry cheekily commented. “Hey mate, that’s my girlfriend.” Liam warned Harry. “I was joking, okay.” Harry defended. “Better.” Liam said sternly. “Okay, I’m all dressed.” Your sister yelled from upstairs. “Hurry, hide.” Liam commanded. “Hey, why is it dark, it was-” Your sister said. “SURPRISE!” Everyone yelled. “Oh my gosh, Liam!” Your sister yelled at Liam. “You gave me heart attack.” Your sister said. “You’re giving me a heart attack, with the way you look. ♪” Niall sang randomly. “Aww, Niall, funny guy.” Your sister joked. “Thanks, I try my best.” Niall winked. “Hey love, happy birthday.” Liam said to your sister. “Thanks hun.” Your sister kissed Liam’s cheek. “Oh, and happy birthday, Y/N.” Liam said. “Thank you, bro.” You joked.” You’re welcome, sis.” Liam smiled. “Okay, I got you both a present.” Liam stated. “Oh yeah, and what’s mine?” Your sister asked. “Well, I know you like dogs…” Liam trailed off. “So, I got a puppy for you two to share, with me of course.” Liam smiled, bringing out a cute shaggy light-brown-haired puppy out. “Aww.” You and your sister chorused together. “It’s so cute.” Your sister said. “I can’t believe this, thank you.” Your sister said. “You’re welcome.” Liam said. “Now, Y/N, your birthday present is…” Liam trailed off. “Zayn, please come in here.” Liam said. “What is it; it’s not Zayn right, because he’s not that interesting.” You laughed. “Hurtful.” Zayn yelled. “Hey, you better not be my present.” You commented. “No, but I am – darling.” An accent said. “Who’s that?” You asked Liam. “Your present.” Liam simply stated. “My present, is a human?” You asked. “Not just any human.” The accent said again. “Seriously who is- OMG IT’S GRIMMY?” You shouted, with full excitement. “Hi Grimmy, I’m like, I guess, a fan, I mean, you’re awesome, and yeah…” You trailed off. “Nick Grimshaw, at your service, love.” Grimmy said. “OMG! Thank you Liam!” You hugged Liam, tightly. “I knew you’d love it.” Liam joked. “I do, I really do. This is the best birthday, ever!” You shouted. “I love you, bro.” You smiled at Liam. “And I love you, sis.” Liam said. “Aww, my boyfriend and sister are like bro and sis – in a cute, non-incest way.” Your sister laughed. “Yup.” You and Liam said in unison.


You’re 16

Zayn: “Zayn!” You shouted. “Mm, yes Y/N?” Zayn mumbled, as he walked into your room. “I was wondering…since you’re famous and all…” You trailed off. “Maybe, just maybe, you could get me tickets to your ex’s concert?” You asked nonchalantly. “Perrie’s?” Zayn asked. “Yeah, I have always been a Mixer…” You trailed off. “I could ask her, I mean, we’re not enemies or anything, we’re actually still kind of friends…” Zayn said awkwardly. “Wait, why do you really want Little Mix tickets?” Zayn asked. “My best friend is a Mixer, and I have a huge crush on her brother…” You admitted shyly. “So, this is all so your best friend will tell her brother about how nice and awesome you are?” Zayn chuckled. “Y/N, you could just, I don’t know, tell him?” Zayn suggested. “No.” You stubbornly said. “Yes you can, you’re wonderful, he probably likes you too.” Zayn shrugged. “Yeah, but, he’s, um, slightly younger, like he’s born around the middle of January… Which makes him a year younger than me.” You blushed. “Hey, nothing’s wrong with a woman dating a younger man.” Zayn joked. “I know that…you dated someone who was in their 20s while you were 17.” You chuckled. “Hey, don’t blame me, I met your sister 2 and a half years later.” Zayn shrugged. “You know, you give great advice sometimes.” You smiled. “Well, I’m happy to give advice, to a sister.” Zayn winked.


You’re 16

Louis: “Hey Y/N, have you met Lottie?” Louis, your sister’s boyfriend, asked. “Um, I’ve seen her, never properly introduce myself.” You shrugged. “Oh, well, my sisters are here, and she wants to meet you.” Louis said. “Oh, okay.” You said. “Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy, Phoebe!” Louis yelled for his younger sisters. “Georgia isn’t here.” Louis stated. “Oh, okay, this is fine.” You shrugged. “Hey Lou.” Lottie said as she walked towards you two. “Hey Lot.” Louis said. “Don’t call me that,” Lottie whined, “I prefer Lottie.” She giggled. “But I prefer Lot.” Louis joked. “Louis!” Phoebe and Daisy yelled in unison. “Hey girls.” Louis bent down to hug them. “We missed you!” Daisy said. “Yeah, we did.” Phoebe confirmed. “Aww, I missed you guys too.” Louis smiled. “We’re not guys, we’re girls.” Lottie said. “Don’t sass me.” Louis joked. “But you sass your haters.” Lottie raised an eyebrow questionably. “Yeah, but that’s a different story.” Louis shrugged. “Hey Lou.” Fizzy said. “Hey Fizz.” Louis smiled. “I really missed you…” Fizzy said sadly. “Aww, me too.” Louis brought Fizzy into a hug. “Okay girls, this person is, Y/N, and she’s my girlfriend’s sister.” Louis said as he introduced you. “Hey girls.” You smiled. “Hi Y/N.” They chorused together. “She really looks like Y/S/N.” Daisy stated. “Thanks, I mean, we’re sisters.” You winked. “Even the same personality.” Lottie said. “Yeah, she’s like another sister.” Louis said. “You aren’t replacing us, are you Lou?” Phoebe asked. “No, no, no, I would never, just think of it as – having another sister.” Louis said. “Okay.” Phoebe giggled. “Hey Y/N.” Your sister said. “Yeah sis?” You asked. “I’m going, are you going to stay here?” She asked. “Yeah, I’ll be fine, Louis can look after me, right Lou?” You asked. “Yeah, she’ll be fine here, love. Just go.” He quickly kissed her. “Okay, I’ll see you guys later.” She waved. *A few hours later* “Y/N?” Louis yelled frantically. Let’s say, you and Lottie ran away randomly to sneak off, and Louis was furious about it. “Y/N, Lottie? Charlotte!” Louis yelled. “Shh, Louis.” Lottie whispered. “Okay…” You said quietly. “Why are we still hiding from him?” You asked, obviously trying to be quiet still. “Because, I want to see Louis freak out, because it’s cute…he can’t be angry at us.” Lottie giggled quietly. “Lottie, you aren’t trying to piss me off, are you?” Louis asked thin air. “You’re pissing him off?” You asked. “Kind off, more of a joke.” Lottie shrugged. “I think…I know where you are.” Louis trailed off. Suddenly you two could hear feet walking, and coming in your direction. “Got you!” Louis yelled as he tackled you and Lottie in hugs. “I was literally freaking out, your sister would kill me if I lost you.” Louis told you. “And mum would threaten me if I lost you, again.” Louis said to Lottie. “Sorry Lou.” You and Lottie said in unison. “It’s okay, but if you do that again Y/N, your sister would kill me if you weren’t with me when she got here.” Louis said sternly. “If who wasn’t here?” Your sister said. “No one.” You, Louis and Lottie said in unison. “Okay…” Your sister said confused. “Let’s go Y/N, bye again Lou.” She waved, while dragging you with her.

Yeah only if you need the idea if your struggling to write :) can't wait for It though :) from Anonymous

I just have the rest of Louis’ part.

if you still need help with the sister boyfriend one how about there are rumours going around about you and he confronts you? or something along them lines x from Anonymous

The ‘big brother’ one? When he’s dating your sister? Or…

im excited about this new bsm :) where he is your sisters boyfriend :O EXCITMENT from Anonymous

I’m almost done. But my Internet is very slow, at least on my laptop. I think I completely finished Harry, Niall, and Zayn’s. Liam’s part is mostly finished. Louis’ part was just started the other day.

A preference where he is dating your sister and goes all big bro on you? 15-17 please! If you need a request? from Anonymous

Sure thing lovely! I mean, I’m busy, and my co-writer is in the middle of writing her preference So, I’ll try this weekend. Or tomorrow/Friday.

Love Pref: He Cheats [Zayn + Louis]

A/N: I finally got this finished. To make it extra special for being almost a month late - I made it more intense, and plot twisting. Yeah, most people would use ex girlfriends, or old flames, but I’m using plot twists - that are common too - to help make it more creative and longer, because I an truly sorry for being late. I promise, I’ll make sure to get all 5 done at once. But for now, enjoy the drama filled preference.


“Zayn?” You questionably yelled as you stepped into the airport. “Y/N?” That was not your boyfriend. “Huh, Liam? What are you doing here? Wasn’t Zayn supposed to pick me up?” You questioned Liam. Zayn promised he would pick you up when you arrived for your small visit during their North American lag of the world tour. “He, um, he was busy?” Liam stuttered out questionably. “Liam, what the fuck is going on?” You questioned, a little too harsh. “He’s, uh, I can’t explain it, I’ll explain it on the way to the hotel.” Liam muttered. *At the hotel* “So, Liam, what is it that you had to-“ You were cut short. “Ah, fuck! Fuck! Oh my. Mmm!” You heard moans when you reached the boys floor. “Please tell me that is Niall or Harry getting laid. Or that El is here. If that is-“ You were cut off again. “Zayn, uh, ah, Zayyyn!” You heard the girl moan. “You little fu-“ Liam cut you off. “Y/N, shh, Zayn is just, I don’t know, he’s been quiet lately.” Liam looked at his feet, shifting every word. “He is dead meat Payne. I don’t care if you need that 5th member, I will kill him, personally.” You glared at the door in front of you, where the moans were coming from. “Shh, keep it down, my band mates-“ You heard Zayn say before you barged in. “Lock the fucking door will you Malik!” You growled. “Some of us are trying to sleep here.” You glared at the girl beneath your, soon to be ex-boyfriend. “Uh, hey Y/N?” Zayn stuttered, obviously still on top of the girl. “Hey Y/N.” The girl mumbled. You knew that voice, obviously Zayn was not cheating you with his ex, it was worse, one of your, old, best friends. “You bitch!” You roared at your ex best friend. “You knew I loved him, yes Zayn loved, hence, you decided to fuck my ex best friend!” You yelled, not loud, but loud enough to get the point across. “But, Y.N-“ Zayn began talking, but you told him to stop talking. “No Zayn, you’re in One Direction, I understand that, but that doesn’t mean that you can just go off and fuck anyone because your girlfriend doesn’t fulfil your ‘needs’ you ass.” You glared at Zayn, obviously, he would be dead if looks could kills. “I know, I’m an asshole-“ Zayn started, but this time, it wasn’t you that cut him off. “Zayn, I’m your best mate, and you and Y/N have been together 6 months, and this is what you do? Zayn, you are most definitely an asshole now. Honestly, you were faithful to Perrie, she was lovely, yes, but what did Y/N do to deserve this?” Liam questioned. “Be-because my best mate is in love with her, okay?!” Zayn sighed after his little shout. “Wait, what?” You asked. “Are you fucking kidding me?! You fucked another girl because one of your band mates is ‘in love’ with me? Really Malik?” You raised an eyebrow at your idiot ex. “Oh, and a final note to that rant, you’re an idiot, and I’m glad to say this – we’re over.” You blew out a huff. “I’m an idiot, yes, and I loved you, but, I, I fell out of love. I know it’s stupid to say, but, my mate can treat you better than I can.” Zayn sighed. “If he’s so in love with me, why isn’t he saying it now, huh, Zayn?” You questioned. “It’s me.” You turned, to a stuttered voice, and no – it was not Liam. “I’m, uh, fuck. Okay, I’m sorry you’re finding out because Zayn is an ass – no offence mate – but I am, I just, I love you, okay?” One of your best mates, Niall Horan, hmm, did not see that coming. “Niall, I love you Niall, but for now, I just, I can’t be in a relationship.” You backed out of the hotel room, quickly kissing Niall on the cheek. “I’m sorry guys, I’ll just fly back.” You muttered. “Whoa- Y/N?” You heard Louis and Harry in unison. “Hi guys, bye guys.” You waved the two off. “What are you doing? Didn’t you just get here?” Harry asked. “Yeah, and I’m going, nice seeing you guys, I’ll see you, well, I don’t know, you can keep in contact.” You waved again, and walked away.


“Hey Harry, I haven’t heard from Louis, I really need to talk to him.” You rambled over phone to Harry. You were grinning, hoping to tell Louis the news. They just got back from their break of the tour, and you had news to tell Louis, but he has not answered his phone. “He lost his phone somewhere Y/N.” Harry said quickly. “Oh, well, is he there?” You asked. “Yeah, I’ll get him.” Harry said. You heard a mattress move, and feet shuffle across floors. You could hear Harry asking Louis if he was busy or not. Louis took the phone. “Hello?” You heard your boyfriend’s confused, and morning, voice speak. “Hey Lou, I’ve been trying to contact you, I’ve got news and I really need to tell you.” You said into the phone. “Oh, well, is it okay over phone, or is in person better?” Louis asked. “I’d prefer person, but over phone is okay.” You shrugged to yourself. “Oh, well, you can tell me love.” Louis said. “Well, Lou I’m-“ You were saying until Louis quickly cut you off. “Oh love, someone’s at the door, I’m just going to answer it, okay?” Louis said. “Okay.” You replied, and just nodded your head to yourself. “Hey Harry’s not- Jessica?!” Louis shouted. “What are you doing here?” You could hear Louis’ voice hiss. “I’m here to bring your phone back baby, some bitch named Y/N was calling you like 500 times.” This ‘Jessica’ girl said. Hey, you thought, I did not call him 500 times; it was about five until you stopped. “Hey that ‘bitch’ happens to be my girlfriend.” Louis hissed. “Well, I seem to remember, a week ago, you were single. So, are you a cheater, or were you two on a break?” Jessica asked. “We, we, we were together.” Louis hesitantly said. “Well, you could tell her – she’s missing a lot if you’re always that good in bed.” You could hear the smirk in that voice. “Well, actually-“ Louis started. “I’m on the phone you asshole.” You hissed at both of them. “And I want to know what happened.” You shouted into the phone. “Well, I, I’m sorry, I cheated, I’m a cheater, I didn’t intend to, I just, I don’t know, my mind wandered, and it took be to a bad place.” Louis rambled sadly. “Well, you ruined my fucking surprise. Okay. You know what, I’ll come out with it, but after the surprise, I’ll make sure you are not my boyfriend. Deal Tommo?” You said darkly. “Deal.” Louis said, and you could hear the gulp in his throat. “Well, Louis William Tomlinson, you better prepare to be a dad, because your ex is currently pregnant. Asshole.” You said and hung up on Louis. You sighed to yourself, about 3 months ago, it was March, and well, obviously you and Louis had sex, but Louis being an idiot – forgot the condom. Now, you are stuck with a baby and a cheating ex. *One week later*

“Y/N, I’m sorry that I was an idiot – no, am an idiot. I love you, but I guess I should say – not as much as I used to. We were falling apart, we both saw that. I did not intend to cheat, but, my mental side was messed up at the thought of us drifting apart, it thought we were drifted apart. Now, I am single, and I do not care if we are not dating, I will help you with this child. I will make sure you guys have a nice house, money, toys, clothes, everything. I am truly sorry, and I know it’s not true in the way I’d love to think, but, I love you Y/N.”

You smiled at the letter, and flowers, Louis sent you. The boys Skyped you, without Louis – for now.


Harry, Niall + Liam's part.